Being the Hands and Feet.
We are the church. As we are continuously washing our hands during this national crisis, we need to remember to wash the feet of others. Knowing that serving was Jesus' model for ministry, we want to encourage our members to embrace opportunities to continue to minister during this time while using precautions to protect yourself and those you are serving. This registration area is three-fold.

1 . TPC  members can inform church staff of personal needs.
Your first priority is to meet the needs of your immediate and extended family. If your family has an immediate need that you cannot meet, please answer the question regarding "HAVE A NEED." Your church staff will do our best to match your need with someone who can help you.
2. TPC members can respond with the availability to meet those needs.
 If you are available to help assist with needs, please answer the questions regarding "MEET A NEED" (NOTE: Please do not volunteer to take a serving role if you or someone in your family is sick or has symptoms of the virus.) As needs arise, the church staff will call you to enlist you to help meet the needs of the people.

3. TPC members can share prayer requests.
If you have a prayer request, please answer the questions regarding "I NEED PRAYER." Your prayer requests will be shared with the prayer ministry leaders.

Thank you for being the church.

Let's work together.

If you can fill a need...fill out the form below.